To offer respite services to families living with autistic people or people having pervasive developmental disorders by welcoming them in a safe and stimulating outdoor environment adapted to their needs, thus encouraging them to maintain and develop their capabilities.


Emergo is the leader in terms of respite services for families of autistic persons in Quebec. It offers an optimal support ratio and programs that evolve with its customers. It is recognized for the dynamism of its team, the quality of its services, the hands-on training it offers to future counselors in the field of autism and its contribution to the integration of autistic persons to our society.


To carry out its mission, to guide the decision-making, and to reach the objectives defined in its strategic plan, Emergo relies on the following values:

  • Customer Satisfaction – Emergo has the concern and the will to answer fairly, within the limits of its resources, to the families of autistic persons’ need for respite by using its motto as an inspiration “Parents helping parents”.
  • Respect – Emergo respects differences and adopts a caring and individualized approach when giving its services to families and managing its personnel.
  • Pursuit of Excellence – Emergo does the utmost with the available resources by encouraging its personnel and its collaborators to show creativity, initiative and responsibility in order to take up the challenges and to offer exceptional respite services.
  • Transparency – Emergo relies on open communication, clear operation rules known by all, collegial and documented decision-making to ensure the good functioning of the organization.
  • Integrity – Emergo manages the entrusted funds with honesty, probity and rigor, and treats each one with the greatest equity.
  • Loyalty – Emergo expects its personnel to perform its duties in the interest of the organization and the families of autistic persons, and to behave at all times in a way that supports its good reputation.
  • Privacy – Emergo ensures families, participants, members of its personnel, collaborators and benefactors the respect and the protection of their privacy and their personal information.